Niko Romito, chef of three Michelin star restaurant Reale in Italy, announces new pop-up store in Milan. The store will be open until January 6 and also offers an online shop.

The Italian chef has to close his restaurant due to the pandemic. The new pop-up shop carries his famous ‘panettone’ as well as the new ‘pandolce’, cookies and jams which are all made with healthy, organic alternatives developed by the chef and his team in the lab.

“This year more than ever, has taught us that nutrition, food and its complex coming and transformation process are tightly linked with people’s health and well-being. I have often asked myself why healthy food is often associated with a poor and unpleasant taste and starting from this assumption I decided to try and overturn this paradigm” says chef Niko Romito and adds that his delicious products, that are cleared of added sugar and fat, also comes with a packaging that is reusable and sustainable.



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