José Andres, the successful chef and the founder of the World Center Kitchen, met with Senator Kamala Harris, Senator Tim Scott and delegates to introduce the FEED (FEMA Empowering Essential Deliveries) Act.

Chef José Andres, Senator Kamala Harris, Senator Tim Scott and delegates Mike Thompson, Jim McGovern and Rodney Davis met to announce the new FEED Act. The new legislation “allows the Federal government to pay 100 per cent of the cost to states and localities so that they can partner with restaurants and nonprofits to prepare nutritious meals for vulnerable populations, such as seniors and underprivileged children. According to The Eater, delegate Thompson said: “So many of our most vulnerable people are going without enough food and so many of our local restaurants and small farmers are struggling to get by as this crisis goes on. The FEED Act we introduced today will facilitate partnerships between small restaurants and states and local governments to provide nutritious meals to those who need them most,” in a statement. “I am proud to join Representatives Thompson, McGovern, and Davis and Senators Harris and Scott in this effort to make sure we reach every American in need of a humble plate of food,” chef José Andres said about the new act.



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