World-renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten is bringing his culinary talents to Albemarle County, USA. “An opening is always like a newborn,” said Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Marigold, a new restaurant located in Keswick Hall, is Vongeritchten’s newest culinary venture. Known for his upscale restaurants across the world, boasting unique menu items, the French chef is making his mark in Keswick.

Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten states that he did not know where Keswick was before and that he had to look at the map for the location of the restaurant. Keswick Hall owners Molly and Robert Hardie say Marigold will put Keswick on the map. “People from all over the East Coast, the country, will want to come here because they’ll know they’ll get really exceptional food in a casual experience,” said Robert Hardie.

Most menu items are plant based, and draw on influences from all over the world.



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