José Andrés, on the cover of Time magazine, called for unity by saying, “What we’ve been able to do is weaponize empathy. Nothing works without empathy,” he said.

He is also the founder of the World Center kitchen. World Central Kitchen, one of the few charities that have taken precautions against the unexpected coronavirus crisis, has stepped in to deliver food to low-income families in big cities like New York and oversees other risky areas around the world.

Andrés, one of America’s celebrity chefs, was named New York City’s most successful business in 2019 by critics of the New York Times with his many-location business, ThinkFoodGroup, which includes more than 30 restaurants he owns. Andres, a Spanish immigrant, has started to come up with the charity work he has devoted himself to in recent years. After the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria, which took place in Puerto Rico, he prepared 4 million meals for Puerto Ricans. José Andrés said that when he saw what happened in Puerto Rico, “We saw the sheer paralysis of the government’s response. We realized we were on the brink of a humanitarian crisis. We said, Let’s start somewhere. Let’s start cooking,” he tells Time Magazine about how they took over the business. José Andrés, leader of the World Center Kitchen, which serves food in 13 countries, serves 15 million meals and has more than 45 thousand volunteers, was nominated for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize.

Meals prepared in the kitchen at the University of San Francisco and distributed to the quarantined people in the Grand Princess cruise ship, with 2,400 passengers who have been completely quarantined and are not allowed to set foot on land. Another quarantine ship, Diamond Princess, which remains in the dock in Yokohama, Japan, is also taking food help from World Center Kitchen.

José Andrés also converted 5 restaurants entirely into community kitchen after the regulation of closing all restaurants on 15 March. On March 25, he continued his work by distributing 150 thousand healthy meals to 160 distribution points in New York, Washington, Little Rock, Oakland, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, and Madrid. On March 23 and 24, he returned to Washington to supply 13 thousand N95 masks to health officials battling coronavirus.



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