The world’s two most creative pastry chefs, Dominique Ansel and Cedric Grolet, was together in New York last weekend. The famous fruit creations of the French pastry chef Cedric Grolet were put on sale in the pop-up event at Dominique Ansel Bakery between April 5-7.

Dominique Ansel, famous for producing the Cronut, which named one of TIME Magazine’s “25 Best inventions of 2013” and Cedric Grolet; the pastry chef of the famous Le Meurice hotel in Paris in and the Best Pastry Chef of 2018, joined forces and they offered an enjoyable weekend activity for New York residents.

In the event which it was announced weeks ago, New York sweet enthusiasts formed a queue even way before the store’s opening time on Friday.

For 3 days, Grolet exhibited 3 different creation from his world famous fruit series.

Cedric Grolet’s fruit selections

“Red Strawberry” made with strawberry ganache and a center of fresh strawberries and strawberry compote.

“Lemon” made with yuzu ganache with a center of lemon marmalade and candied lemon peel.

“Single Hazelnut” made with hazelnut ganache, creamy caramel, hazelnut praliné, moist hazelnut biscuit, and a glint of shimmering gold.



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