Camilla Marcus, owner of West~bourne in Soho, New York, is fighting for independent restaurants in America with the ROAR which she is a founding member.

Camilla Marcus continues to work extensively with ROAR, of which she is a founding member, to unite independent restaurants such as her restaurant West~bourne in Soho, New York, and to give chefs a future after the pandemic. Marcus stated that she closed her restaurant 3 weeks ago for the health of her team and the community and that all employees are working on projects and participating in training at their home. Marcus stated that suppliers, producers and farmers are also going through a very difficult process and everyone in the sector will be affected in the form of chain and that they support their customers and the community to go directly to the consumer. In an interview with Fine Dining Lovers, Marcus said about ROAR, “Realizing that we weren’t part of crucial government relief negotiations, we saw a need for a united voice. That is where ROAR (Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants) was born.” Roar, which was founded with the Robin Hood partnership, has raised $ 400,000, Marcus said and is also actively working with the governor’s office to learn about the government’s changing actions every day.



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