The coastal city Cadzand in the Netherlands brought together the important names and media of the gastronomy sector. The event, which took place on 2-3 June, continues with the intense participation of local people and food lovers.

Famous chefs gathered at the Pop-up dinner organized under Cadzand FoodFest and prepared different tastes of their restaurants in Sergio Herman and Syrco Bakker’s successful restaurant Pure C. Quique Dacosta from Denia, prepared the most special tastes of his 3 Michelin-star restaurant such as Slice of Tomato, Almond Nougat and Ashes Rice.

The 2 Michelin-star restaurant Pure C was opened in 2010 by Sergio Herman and Syrco Bakker. Pure C made Cadzand one of the important gastronomic location in the world. The ingredients of the region and the flavors prepared by Syrco Bakker and his team; North Sea Shells, Dogfish in Green at Rhubarb and White Chocolate Ginger gave such a unique experience to the guests. Jordy Navarra, one of the most important representatives of the modern Philippine cuisine, prepared his dishes with local products of Phillipines such as Philippine mangos and Bagoong, the dishes he prepared are Oyster Kinilaw, Buro Shrimp from Zeebrugge, Lobster from Eastern Scheldt, Philippines Mangoes, Bagoong and Pure C have made Asian inspirations to the guests.



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