Are there no limits to the ambition of Harrods’ food and drink team? Not content with luring Bjorn Frantzen over this year to open his first UK restaurant, and teaming up with Masayoshi Takayama, they’re now working on bringing in another World’s 50 Best restaurant – Singapore’s Burnt Ends – to the Knightsbridge store.

If you haven’t heard of it before, Burnt Ends is BIG. Right now it’s in the 50-100 part of the main list at 94 but it comes in at 41 when you move to the Asia’s 50 Best list. The man behind it is chef Dave Pynt who hails from Australia but cites Basque restaurant Etxebarri as a key inspiration for his modern Australian barbecue restaurant. Burnt Ends made it big in Singapore where it picked up a Michelin star, but old-school London foodies may remember when Dave ran an early version of it, Burnt Enz, at Climpson’s in London Fields back when the idea for Brat was just a twinkle in Tomos Parry’s eye.

As it’s such early days yet, there’s no word on what dishes might show up at the London outpost, but we’d expect to see at least one of Dave’s signature dishes – the Steak Frites – make the journey. Pictured here, they’re smoked beef fat potato cakes topped with wagyu steak tartare and a whole lot of caviar.

The notion of Burnt Ends coming to Harrods was actually flagged up last year when Pynt took part in a starry dinner at Harrods with other chefs who have restaurants at the store, but it really only became big news when the chef confirmed it yesterday on his Instagram feed.


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