The famous Brazilian chef, who is on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022 list, plans to open a restaurant in London. Landgraf, which ranked 47th on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022 list with its Oteque restaurant in Rio de Janeiro, announced that it will open a restaurant on Vere Street in the center of London. The name of the restaurant, which plans to host its guests in November, has been decided as Bossa. Oteque’s head chef, Nilson Chaves, is managing the restaurant, aiming to bring a casual and fun perspective to London.

For Alberto Landgraf, London is where he entered the restaurant world for the first time, but also a kind of homecoming. The chef, who came to London to learn English after graduating from the physics department in the early 2000s, started working to stay in the city. After working with Ramsay, he returned to Sao Paulo to open his first restaurant, Epice, in 2006. Epice has won multiple awards, including a Michelin star and Landgraf was named South America’s rising star by FOUR magazine.

In 2018, Landgraf opened Oteque, focusing on its Japanese heritage following its move to Rio de Janeiro. Working on simplicity and technique rather than focusing on materials, he attracts worldwide attention and praise. The restaurant to be opened in London is a continuation of this philosophy.

The famous chef expressed his excitement with these words: “I am very happy that my first international project will take place in London. Being in this city where I started my career twenty-two years ago makes me emotional. When I returned to Brazil six years later, I never thought that life would bring me to where I could open my own restaurant. Bringing Brazil not only to London but also to Europe feels like a crazy dream, which is why I will bring the best of my Oteque team here.”

Landgraf concludes: “As you can imagine, it will not be a traditional venue, but my aim is not to create a second Oteque. We aim to pamper you with a strong wine and cocktail list along with contemporary Brazilian food in a fun, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, I hope you enjoy it.”



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