Borough Market, London’s oldest market, which drags visitors into the merriment of taste and colour, has been defying time as a meeting point for food lovers for 1000 years. Located right next to London Bridge, one of the city’s symbols, the market is home to colourful stalls and shops from the city’s best restaurants and becomes one of the cornerstones of London’s flavour silhouette.

We are sure that Borough Market, which is 1000 years old but still looks alive, has a lot of stories to tell. The market, which opens its doors to its visitors 6 days a week, is the first address in its long-term adventure by becoming the heart of the taste with its characteristic of being the roof where many dining events and organizations combined. Offering many options from the rarest products to plant-based or gluten-free meals, visitors should come with an empty stomach and a full wallet.

Do not return without trying these flavours

In Borough Market; even if you give your senses a feast as you wander among the sizzling pans of sweet treats, mouth-watering vegetables and fruits and street food, there are too many flavours to try everything in a single day. You can follow the season with wild garlic, alphonso mango or freshly squeezed olive oil on the stalls, while English village cheeses, Spanish hams, cocoa beans and local produce can be seen on the stalls throughout the year.

Before starting the tour at Borough Market or at the end of the tour, you may need to have a cup of coffee at Monmouth Coffee to relax. They roast the interesting types of coffees they supply daily and serve up steamy coffees to their customers. Monmouth, the city’s best coffee shop according to many, is among the favourite places of Borough Market.

If you are looking for the best cottage cheese in Britain, you should definitely visit Neal’s Yard Dairy in Borough Market. The business, which remunerates the word Artizan, brings together cheeses and dairy products from Britain, with seasonal exceptions.

Bread Ahead Bakery, Borough Market’s newest but fastest growing business, even includes a bakery school. It is possible to taste sourdough bread varieties, foccacia and the best doughnuts in the city on its fragrant counter.

At Kappacasein, you can eat your cheese toast with Montgomery’s cheddar, Comté and Ogleshield cheeses and vegetables, while visiting Brindisa, where you can find good quality Spanish products, or Cannon & Cannon, which offers innovative deli products at its stalls.

The right time to visit is…

If you are not attending a guided tour or an event, it may be good to avoid peak times and get a map. You can visit all stalls of Borough Market between Wednesday and Saturday but only certain stalls and businesses are open on Mondays and Tuesdays.



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