Brazilian chef Alex Atala, known for his work on colors and flavors at his restaurant D.O.M in Sao Paulo, was a guest in the kitchen of Bodrum Maçakızı Hotel between 16-17 April. The gastronomy legend Atala, who prepared a special pop-up dinner for the Maçakızı II. Gastronomy Weekend organization had a feast of taste.

Chef Aret Sahakyan – Chef Alex Atala

An extraordinary weekend was experienced at Maçakızı Hotel, owned by Sahir Erozan, between 16-17 April in Bodrum. Chef Alex Atala, the creator of the two-Michelin-starred D.O.M, a flavor spot that has been included in the “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” list since 2006, was the guest in the kitchen of Aret Sahakyan, the chef of Maçakızı, and Carlo Bernardini, the chef of the Villa Maçakızı.

Chef Atala, who adapted the traditional Brazilian cuisine using local ingredients and French and Italian techniques, created pop-up plates that offer two visual feasts in this special organization. Bringing the most secret flavors grown in the depths of the Amazon Forest to his meals, Alex Atala appealed to both the eyes and the palate with both dinners.

Chef Aret Sahakyan – Gökmen Sözen – Chef Alex Atala


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