Beyond Meat quickly renews plant-based meat alternatives and offers two more options to its customers.

Beyond Meat, which wants to create the same variety scale in plant-based meat products as opposed to meat that has many options with fat or fat, has introduced two new products: juicier and less saturated fat. Beyond says that one of its new products, juicier hamburger patty, has 35% less saturated fat than an average 80/20 (80% Lean, 20% fat) beef burger. The other product has 55% less saturated fat but offers a less juicy result.

Stating that the products have not lost anything from their taste, Beyond underlined that they did not make any changes in the content and only changed the processing process of the ingredients. Beyond believes the new patties will appeal to a wider range of nutritional needs — while rapidly iterating toward the goal of a sustainable product that’s satisfying to meat lovers, as CEO Ethan Brown shared as last year.



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