The rise of Latin American cuisine is increasing day by day, talented chefs started to come forefront. Saiko Izawa is one of these names, who received the 2017 Latin America’s Best Pastry Chef Award. We tell the story of the Japanese-Brazilian, successful female chef for the readers of the Patisserie by FoodinLife.

Although it is the iconic D.O.M that comes to mind when we heard São Paulo restaurants, the region is home to many different restaurants now. A Casa do Porco is one of those restaurants. Saiko Izawa, the pastry chef of the restaurant, who has made a name for himself not only with his original menu, but also with his original cakes and desserts, has received the Latin America’s Best Pastry Chef Award sponsored by Republica del Cacao.

The role of desserts in the success of the restaurant is undeniable. The magical hand of Izawa, who touches the desserts of Latin America’s 8th Best Restaurant, A Casa de Porco, creates great delicacies in harmony with the menu. After setting the theme together with the chef, it all comes to the Izawa’s creativity. The chef, who states that there are no limits in the field of product and material in the kitchen, enjoys blending the tastes. The ingredients, the cultures and the tastes… He tries to create a perfect mix by combining everything he touches. He describes the perfect dessert as a light one with not too much sugar. Mostly he use a hot product when creating desserts. One of his signature delicacies is called Romeo and Juliet.



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