An announcement from one of the most quintessential bars in London, The Connaught Bar opens the doors of a glittering world with its elegant decoration and rich bar, blending British and Irish Cubist art of the 1920s.

With its luxurious ambiance, platinum silver leaf textured walls, sparkling glasses, candlelit tables, and rich bar, The Connaught offers an exclusively different world in Mayfair. Designed by the award-winning architecture and design studio David Collins Studio, the bar draws a line between classicism and modernism with its cubist decor as its backdrop.

The home-distilled gin of Connaught Bar, winner of the 2021 World’s Top 50 Bars award chosen by more than 500 industry professionals, is among the highlights. The classic duo like Martini blended with bergamot oils and Florentine Negron are created from this home-distilled gin of Connaught Bar. At the same time, the bar, which visually impresses its guests, prepares its martinis with a visual show in a service car called Martini Trolley.

Mixology Director Agostino Perrone, Head Mixologist Giorgio Bargiani and Bar Manager Maura Milia are the names behind The Connaught Bar, which was named the World’s Best Bar in 2021 for the second time in a row under the sponsorship of Perrier. Sözen Organization and Publishing CEO Gökmen Sözen visited The Connaught Bar last week. Having a pleasant conversation with Head Mixologist Giorgio Bargiani, Gökmen Sözen experienced the signature flavors of the bar.



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