CODA, took it names from an Italian musical term. It means the last part of the song. Just like the last part of a classic dessert on CODA’s menu. We visited René Frank, the creator of these pieces in Berlin and had an enjoyable interview.

CODA is Berlin’s first sweet bar, opened in August 2016 by award-winning pastry chef René Frank and Oliver Bischoff, the general manager of the Ett la Benn studio in Berlin. Aiming to offer a special and quality gastronomy experience, The CODA Dessert Bar is a brand new kitchen based on patisserie techniques. Chef René Frank refuse to use any industrial made products in CODA, so everything is handmade.

”Bar and kitchen are part of each other“

The successful chef, who expressed that they based their dishes on the classical foundations when creating their menus, uses the following statements for the CODA-specific and six-course stages; “You need to feel you’re fulled before you get into the candy shock. We refresh these menus once and every two months and change only one meal. Bar and kitchen works in constant communication in these changes, they are part of each other and they are always open. Our bartenders serve and coordinate the drinks in parallel with the food.



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