Laetitia Rouabah, head chef of Alain Ducasse’s New York-based restaurant Benoît NYC, created a special menu to enrich the flavours of Dom Pérignon 2009 vintage.

New York’s beloved restaurant Benoit NYC has partnered with Dom Pérignon to create a menu that perfectly matches the famous 2009 vintage. This special dining experience, which will be offered from September 30 to October 3, will meet with guests in the form of dine-in or pick-up and will include a bottle of Dom Pérignon 2009 vintage for two. Successful chef Rouabah worked closely with the legendary Michelin-starred chef on to design dishes that enhanced the profile of the Dom Pérignon 2009 vintage.

Ducasse and Rouabah worked to get the right pairing with champagne, with just the right aroma and taste, but also to make the 3-course meal suitable for take-out. According to the news on Elite Traveler, Rouabah said: “I imagined this menu and carefully selected flavors to enhance the champagne and create the perfect pairing for the palate and the nose. We needed to meticulously balance a combination of sweet and rich ingredients. For the ‘Vollaille’ dish, the sauce will pleasantly remain on the palate and create the perfect marriage with the champagne. I wanted to highlight top ingredients such as lobster, truffle and foie gras that perfectly pair with Dom Pérignon.”

“The menu is designed to be plated at the restaurant as well as at home. Hence I needed to show some creativity so our guests can enjoy the full experience outside the restaurant. I truly enjoyed designing the menu, being myself a champagne enthusiast.”



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