Nala Robotics, an Illinois-based technology firm, developed a fully automated robotic kitchen in Naperville last month that can cook millions of recipes without any human intervention.

Founder Ajay Sunkara said in a company press release that with the help of robots powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Nala can make any dish in minutes. The recipe catalog features dishes from world-class chefs and celebrities, and users can also upload their recipes coded and then reproduced by Nala. Sunkara said, “AI will create better quality jobs and entrepreneurs through Nala’s Marketplace. Our Marketplace feature will help home chefs, food influencers, Michelin Star Chefs and anyone with a good recipe to spend thousands of dollars to build their restaurant their own ghost kitchen. “Just by coding their recipes into Nala’s secure database, they can sell their meals to customers at every Nala location.”



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