Atul Kochhar, one of the most important representatives of Indian cuisine in the UK, has rolled up his sleeves to open his fifth restaurant. The name of the restaurant, which will reinterpret the street flavors of Indian cuisine, is Masalchi, which means “spice master.”

Atul Kochhar, the owner of two Michelin stars, is opening his newest restaurant in the world-famous entertainment district Wembley Park. Masalchi will offer an exotic abundance of Indian spices with healthy street flavors. It will host its guests seven days a week with a Pan-Indian menu consisting of the wonderful dishes Atul Kochhar discovered in street markets during his gastronomic trips to India.

With its multi-billion dollar transformation, Wembley Park is experiencing one of the largest urban transformations in Europe. “The energy and vibrancy of Wembley Park makes it one of the most exciting places in London right now,” said Atul Kochhar, adding that he is happy to be a Wembley Park entrepreneur.



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