Aroma Indian Takeaway won the best curry award at the Curry Life magazine’s National Curry Awards, along with a gala dinner at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London. Owner of the firm, Foysal Ahmed said, “What a commendation for us to be recognized in this way. Congratulations to all award winners. You totally deserve them as you stand out in this exciting crowded and competitive industry. “

The National Curry Awards is an important event in the UK where unique flavors of Indian cuisine are rewarded. Syed Belal Ahmed, editor of Curry Life Media Group, said of the ceremony: “Over the years we’ve held the awards, we’ve seen a huge increase in the standards and quality offered to customers. Just like Michelin-starred restaurants, there’s competition in between. So many owners are putting their quarantine times into their business. “The fact that he chose to invest and use it to raise standards is a plus for the perseverance and creativity of everyone involved. We are delighted to reward these efforts with the Curry Life Awards.”



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