France is a hometown of many creative and talented chefs. Pastry chefs are renowned for their creativity and talent and adding a different dimensions to the world-famous pastry culture. Christophe Michalak, who makes a difference with his creative touches to traditional and classical main materials, manages to be known day by day on the field of pastry.

Christophe Michalak is a name that illuminates pastry from traditional pastries and classic recipes. The successful pastry chef who works in the most important parts of France and starts at an early age, turns to this profession when he has completely different dreams. Explains as; “I wanted to be a designer or a painter, but suddenly I realized my passion for pastry” about how his journey in this profession began. Michalak, who is 40 years old and has put his career into many brands and achievements, has an incredibly energetic personality. Perhaps this is the basis for making a difference in pastry. “I wanted to expose my profession and technique and make it accessible to everyone. In addition to my own universe, I wanted to create a unique space that reflects me.”

”The important thing is not to win, but to sustain the created difference for a few generations“

Michalak, the successful chef who opened his own laboratory and even his own school under the brand name of Paris, teaches these his delicious recipes. Of course also in his sweet boutiques, the unique design flavors meet with the sweet lovers. “I love the take away phenomenon. I can say that my vision in my profession is to make this situation more fun but modern. The important thing is not to win, but to maintain the difference created for a few generations.” The successful pastry chef writes many books which he explaines his passion for pastry. The most important factor that inspires Michalak is music. “Music inspires me. Every time I’m at school or in my kitchen, I always have music in my head. There’s music at every moment of my life. If they ask what is your source of living, of course I would call it music.” Michalak, who works hard to bring his passion for pastry to life, defines Paris as the un Mecca of pastry. The chef, who has put his signature under many tastes thanks to his different perspective, which have not been tried before, likes to his cakes as superheros. Underneath He emphasizes that the reason for this is his passion for comics.

“My best friend Pierre Hermé, was my idol back then”

He mentions 4 important points in pastry making. Underlining that elegance, balance, emotion and efficiency are the ‘sine qua non’ of a dessert. The creative chef focuses on these four main words in his profession. Michalak, who has been creating unique flavors, change the recipes every day. Customers who regularly visit the chef’s boutique shops don’t eat the same flavor twice. “There is always a circulation in my kitchen. I think I have brought innovation to people who are bored of eating croissants and macarons“ says the experienced chef. He expresses his advocacy of freshness and always includes daily products in his boutique shop. In fact, it is just one of the main reasons he steer for take away concept. “This means that every day fresh and meticulously prepared products can be offered to my guests and they can easily carry and consume them products on the streets.”

In fact, based on these statements it is not wrong to assume that successful chef Christophe Michalak lives on his own sweet planet. The most important factor of his success is, of course, talent and creativity. The authentic and unique unique work of the his with twenty years of experience, must be added to the list of places to visit in France.



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