André Chiang, who recently celebrated the first anniversary of his Chengdu restaurant, The Bridge, at the end of 2018, has just announced that he will be partnering with Wynn Palace in Macau to launch Sichuan Moon in spring this year. As culinary director, Chiang will present the essence of Sichuan cooking in a contemporary way at the new restaurant, even as he continues leading the charge for elevating Sichuan cuisine on the world stage.

To prepare for his role, the classically French-trained chef immersed himself in Sichuan cuisine, learning about the cuisine’s history, origins and culture from experienced Chinese chefs and industry experts. He also made frequent trips to the local markets with executive chef Li Shunhong to familiarise himself with the local produce.

“I felt like a child who was reading a storybook on Sichuan culture, discovering that there were so many things I didn’t know. After I started to slowly understand it and appreciate how special it was, I just wanted to share it with more people,” he says.

Sichuan Moon will offer beautifully presented and meticulously prepared dishes bursting with flavor. It will also serve as an opportunity to explore the rich history and culture of Sichuan cuisine. Chef André will work with a talented team of chefs using only the highest quality of ingredients. Additionally, extraordinarily rare specialty teas are available for pairing with the dishes. “I aim to break the mold and showcase the essence of Sichuan dishes so they will shine on the world stage,” Chef André says, “I want the world to fall in love with Sichuan cuisine through Sichuan Moon.”



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