Bringing taste, fun and authenticity together, Market Halls is an inner city getaway that offers gastronomic experiences while strengthening social bonds. Market Halls, which reshaped the way people socialize, eat, work and have fun in 2017, gained a large audience in a short time. Located in Fulham, Victoria and the West End, this extraordinary venue seems to have filled a big gap in London.

Although it has a history of more than a century, Market Halls, which opened its doors in 2017 with its modern style and closed in March 2020 as an inevitable result of the impact of the pandemic all over the world, brought together its longed-for atmosphere with its guests. Market Halls, which accepted its guests again in June 2021 with new regulations; By bringing together restaurants, cafes, bars and socializing areas, it offers its guests many taste experiences to choose from. Having made its grand opening with Market Halls Victoria, the platform will also open branches in Oxford Street and Canary Wharf, as well as in Fulham. There are nine eating and drinking areas, two bars and a coffee shop in the huge three-storey area, and there is also a viewing terrace. The terrace with a view of Victoria station offers guests the opportunity to watch the hustle and bustle of passengers while sipping their cocktails. Market Halls, which hosted the birth of many brands in the past and included street flavors, is an experience area where many restaurants come together and is quite successful in attracting food lovers.An oasis of entertainment in the heart of the city: Market Halls



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