While everyone was wondering what restaurants would look like after the end of the epidemic, Mediamatic, the Dutch arts centre, took an innovative approach to the new order with the Serres Séparées restaurant.

During the quarantine process; chefs, investors, hoteliers and restaurateurs came up with many ideas about the measures to be taken and the new order.  Mediamatic, an arts centre in the Netherlands, promoted its new restaurants Serres Séparées with a different and innovative perspective. Customers will be able to enjoy the unique view inside the open glass houses while also enjoying delicious food. The restaurant is currently closed but Fine Dining Lovers reported that the executive organisers have quite positive thoughts about the restaurant. In a statement on the restaurant’s website, the restaurant which redesigned the togetherness offers its customers a safe and friendly experience. Serres Séparées Serves 4 types of plant-based meals for 2 people, with all tables full until the end of June.



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