Lisa Vega, Executive Pastry Chef at Dandelion Chocolate, has collaborated with Remy Labesque, Tesla’s industrial designer, to create the perfect chocolate chip.

The shape of a typical store-bought chocolate chip is the arbitrary result of an industrial manufacturing process that involves placing a drop of melted chocolate on a flat surface and allowing it to cool. The taste can vary greatly depending on the brand, but the shape does not. And that is where Dandelion wanted to make a difference with the help of Labesque. The result: 3D geometric chips. Labesque, a longtime friend of one of Dandelion’s founders, Todd Masonis, said, “The shape of our chip is faceted: The edges of a Dandelion Chocolate chip taper to thin-as-we could-make-’em without compromising structure. This is because the thermal mass of a thin piece of chocolate melts more quickly on the palate. So when you put a Dandelion chip on your tongue, the thin, chiseled edges warm-to-melt nearly instantly. The 3D shape, while simple, we believe is also novel.”

According to the news on the So Good Magazine, Labesque, explains that the chip project “began about three years ago. If my memory serves me, it was driven in large part by pastry chef Lisa Vega, who wanted something specifically tailored for her recipes. There are two chip designs: large and small (the large was released first, and the small will be at a later date). Their mass (3.5 grams and 0.8 grams, respectively), was driven by Lisa, and the prototypes were tested along the way in her recipes as part of the R&D process. Another consideration was that we also needed something that could be enjoyed as a chocolate-eating experience completely by itself – that’s where our unique shape comes into play.”

These chips, ideal for bakery and confectionery, are made in a mold created by Labesque and are worked with quality chocolate from Ecuador and Costa Rica.



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