Although Texas Greg Abbot Governor gave restaurants the green light to reopen dining rooms on Friday at 25% capacity, about half (47.4%) of the state’s restaurants reported they would not open, according to a poll of 401 restaurateurs last week from the Texas Restaurant Association.

Also Texas state restaurateurs joined restaurateurs who opposed Georgia State’s decision to reopen restaurants because of economic and health reasons. According to a survey of 401 people at the Texas Restaurant Association, 47.4% of operators said they would not open their restaurants, while 9.2% said they were unsure. Participants are very concerned that starting restaurants with 25% capacity cannot cover expenses They think the deadline to Friday is too early in terms of rehiring the staff, restocking inventory, preparing the dining area for the customers and taking health measures. According to another conclusions of survey, about 30% of restaurateurs who own more than one restaurant plan to open their restaurants at the same time, while 12% of restaurateur plan to open their restaurants by location.



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