Alberto Landgraf, chef of Michelin-starred restaurant Oteque in Brazil, evaluates the pandemic process in a very positive and effective way and prepares himself for the pace after the opening of the restaurants.

Alberto Landgraf, the successful chef of one of Brazil’s top restaurants, the Michelin-starred Oteque, said he saw the pandemic process as an opportunity and said he was not worried about the post-pandemic crisis. “We are used to economic crisis from the past. In this case, it is not just an economic crisis but also a health crisis. But, we are seeing that despite all the shit that’s going on, there is hope because we see many people helping others. In this crisis, the rich and the poor are dying together with the virus. No one is privileged and if we do not look after each other, we are all going to be in trouble,” he said. Chef Landgraf, who sees and lives this process as a holiday, stated that he enjoyed the silence he is experiencing now because he knew that this process would not last forever.

According to Ivan Brincat’s article in the Food and Wine Gazette, the celebrity chef said he had received many nice letters from his clients and said he was more positive about the upcoming process. “Many people in the news say that restaurants will be the last to recover from the crisis. But I don’t agree. I do not think people are going to buy new clothes before going out for a meal. Will they buy a car or new furniture before going out to eat? I have a strong belief that many will be fine.” successful chef, who is confident in his work and his restaurant, does not plan to make a change in the dining style. “What I cook at the restaurant is what I know. The main reason I am here today is because 20 years ago I believed in a path and I choose to take that path both in tough times and in good times. There were many tough times in the past. I don’t think that I have to change because first, I don’t know how to do anything else and second I also feel that there is no need to change anything. We are still 45 days into this and it is still too early to start making life changing decisions,” Acknowledging that it will have a financial impact on society, the chef said, “There will be a financial impact for sure but as Ferran Adria once said, the cheapest luxury in today’s world is a dinner at a restaurant.”



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