World-famous French chef Alain Ducasse is bringing eco-friendly food into Parisians’ homes with his new venture Naturaliste.

While eating well is at the heart of many French concerns, legendary French chef Alain Ducasse takes it a step further with his philosophy of healthy cooking. In recent weeks, the chef together with entrepreneur Nicolas Camart has launched Naturaliste, a new model of sustainable catering, with dishes cooked by Peruvian chef Marvic Medina Matos, who also worked alongside Romain Meder, chef of the Plaza Athénée for 3 years. The new Parisian take-out or delivery service is available throughout the capital and offers anti-waste and mainly vegetable led cuisine, inspired by the Naturalité movement launched in 2014 by Alain Ducasse and executed daily by Romain Meder. Vegetables and cereals take centre stage in the portable dishes, with produce sourced from local farms. According to the Fine Dining Lovers, in the kitchen, chef Marvic Medina Matos processes very little of the produce, “just what it takes to sublimate these precious ingredients from our terroirs and appreciate their raw qualities.”



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