LuggageHero, which conducted domestic and international travel surveys in Europe in March and April, announced its results for May and observed that the trend for domestic and international travel has increased in 2020 compared to the last months.

May report, which is trying to observe the tourism sector trend in 2020 with its survey conducted online from May 10-14, is very positive for the tourism sector. While domestic tourism is expected to revive in Europe in the coming months, Europeans are less worried about their budgets than when the crisis began. According to the report, almost half of respondents said they would be able to travel to another country before September if the restrictions were lifted, while 26% said they would wait until next year to travel abroad. The rate of participants waiting for the vaccine to be available for overseas travel is 6%. According to last month’s report, there is a 23% increase in demand for travel abroad.

According to the Travel Daily News, 75% of respondents said they would travel their country through road trips or city trips between May and September. More than half of respondents said they planned to travel within the country during the summer, and 20% said they would travel within the first 15 days when the restrictions were lifted. A group of 3% said they would expect the vaccine to be available for domestic travel, while another 3% said they would expect the economy to recover. However, only 17% of respondents stated they would continue with online meetings, while 60% said they would take a business trip at least once this year.  to last month’s survey, 2020 travel budgets were better in May. 42% of respondents said they expected to spend the same travel budget they had previously planned, while 18% said they would reduce their budget by between 0-20%.



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