Abu Dhabi Culinary Season, Abu Dhabi’s most popular flavor festival, will begin on October 18. The city will host a full program of events with tastings, special menus, celebrity chefs and restaurants.

Between October 19 and December 9, 2021, the culinary carnival will showcase the ever-evolving spread of gastronomy, and various events will take place, such as the launch of select Yas Bay restaurants, including ‘Paradiso, Bushra and Akiba Dori’. The first ‘Food Forward’ episode will take place at the Sayad restaurant at the Emirates Palace from October 19 to 22, and chefs Anthony Demetre and Faisal Naser will create a menu that dazzlingly blends the culinary worlds of Europe and the UAE.

“After two years of evolution and growth, this year’s Abu Dhabi Culinary Season promises to solidify Abu Dhabi’s position as a must-visit destination” said Ali Hassan Al Shaiba, Director of Tourism and Marketing, DCT Abu Dhabi.



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