Nature Chic, which will welcome guests in the summer in response to restrictions on restaurants during the pandemic, offers a unique dining experience under the trees.

John Paquot, owner of Ferme d’Odenge, Alain Bianchin, the chef of Michelin-starred restaurant Alain Blainchin and André Poës, a sommelier and the owner of Les Nectars du Sommelier and Mickael Williquet joined forces to provide a unique dining experience at the centre of nature. Nature Chic, which will host guests from Thursday to Sunday, will be located by a river in Brabant Wallon region of Belgium.

The restaurant, which will welcome guests under the trees after 19.00, will also serve champagne and seasonal cocktails, along with dishes prepared from the garden by Brigitin’s team, the Food and Wine Gazette reported. By 8 pm, guests will be escorted to their desks under the trees at Nature Chic and 4 kinds of meals prepared by Alain Blainchin will be served. And the wines will be chosen by André Poës, who has been named Belgium’s best sommelier many times. At the end of the meal, there will be tea, coffee and refreshing drinks served by Atelier Brigitin, as well as a bar that will serve customers by midnight.



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