To uncover Chile’s forgotten or overlooked products, the famous chef Rodolfo Guzmán, who descended deep into Patagonia in the South from the Atacama Desert in the North, draws readers into an adventure with his book, named after his restaurant, “Boragó: Coming from the South”.

Boragó: Coming from the South, released by Phaidon in 2017, consists of 3 parts. Starting with a description of the road to success since the restaurant opening in 2006, the book describes Chile’s local products and their process along with their offering to the restaurant before ending with special recipes. When all these episodes come together, Boragó: Coming from the South, we actually understand how the celebrity chef is one of the best-known names in South America. Boragó: Coming from the South is proof of Guzmán’s vision and determination, and the value he shows to local products, as well as indicative of the globalized celebrity chef’s commitment to Chile.



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