Sözen Group continues publishing activities without slowing down. Hospitality Reader, the new initiative of Sözen Group, which is known for portals that keep the pulse of the gastronomy industry in Turkey and around the world, such as Foodinlife and Gastromasa, brings together the actors of the hospitality industry.

Hospitality Reader, which will closely follow hotels, restaurants, investors, chefs, trends, current news, conferences, events and innovations in the hospitality sector, is preparing to take the pulse of the tourism and hospitality sector. Hospitality Reader followers will have access to interviews with tourism, hotel and restaurant investors. Interviews with industry professionals will open minds about the direction the hospitality industry is heading in Turkey and in the world.

Followers will be able to access Hospitality Reader, which is prepared to meet readers with a modern design and user-friendly theme, at www.hospitalityreader.com



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