The restaurant and roof bar Green Room, whose preparations have been going on for two years, opens its doors in Leeds this spring. The venue, which will serve as a coffee bar during the day and a restaurant at night, will feature a collection of vegan-friendly meals and drinks on its menu.

Opened by Will Habergham and Kirk Allen, the Green Room will focus on recycling, sustainability and a healthier lifestyle concept. Regarding the Green Room project, which took shape during the duo’s trip to New Zealand, Allen said, “After a challenging two years spent planning, prepping, and renovating, we’re really excited to launch our concept in Leeds. We believe the people in this city are more than ready to embrace venues that champion a strong focus on sustainability and healthier living, whilst also providing a setting and atmosphere that’s both fresh and unique to the city. We can’t wait to welcome our first guests next month.”

Another important feature of the Green Room is that it hosts a couple of luxury apartments that can be rented on Booking.



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