Andoni Luis Aduriz, one of the world’s most famous chefs, invites readers on an adventure with his cookbook Mugaritz, named after his 2 Michelin-starred restaurant and released in 2012.

At Mugaritz, world-renowned 2 Michelin-starred chef Andoni Luis Aduriz presents the creative process behind his dishes at Mugaritz, one of Spain’s most important restaurants, along with 70 recipes to readers. We can see clearly in Mugaritz Aduriz’s interest and closeness to nature and his openness to new techniques. Mugaritz is organized into thematic chapters about the history of the restaurant, it’s relationship with nature, the new culinary language that Aduriz has developed, the techniques behind the dishes, and the experience of the guest. Each chapter is illustrated with exclusive Mugaritz archive material and atmospheric recipe photographs. With each episode, readers feel a step closer to Mugaritz, becoming part of Aduriz’s path to success.



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