Michelin-starred chef Yannick Alléno is preparing to open his first chocolate store. Collaborating with the pastry chef Aurélian Rivoire, with whom he has ben working for 7 years, Alléno promises his guests a different cocoa experience. Alléno & Rivoire will open its doors in Paris on 16 December.

Adapting his creativity and superior techniques to cocoa, Yannick Alleno is preparing to break the ground in his new store. Sharing his excitement for the first chocolate store on his social media account, Alléno said, “There is a sauced development in every big step taken by gastronomy. Sauces are the verb of French cuisine and are also adapted to the patisserie. They allow flavors to develop” he says. Aiming to add a new flavor to cocoa with special techniques, Alléno is accompanied by Aurélian Rivoire on this journey, “Modern techniques, boundless passions, and flavors of change have added value to the heritage of French gastronomy,” says Rivoire, who has worked as a pastry chef at Pavillon Ledoyen and Yannick Alléno Group for 7 years. Alléno & Rivoire, which will open in Paris on December 16, has already created a great expectation in the pastry world.



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