The commissure of different cultures, Singapore cuisine influences those who experiment with its unique culture and flavours. The best restaurants in Singapore which add their unique style and experience to this unique cuisine are giving customers unforgettable moments. From Odette, the best restaurant in Asia, to Zén, where we can see Scandinavian influences in Singapore, we have prepared a list for you.


Odette, who has won the Best Restaurant in Singapore and The Best Restaurant in Asia Awards twice in a row, is the place where elegance meets with French chef Julien Royer, the chef and co-owner of the Odette. Royer, who makes Modern French food unique with touches from Asia, recreates the classics with its seasonally changing menus. The celebrity chef finds the best products from Europe to Asia and Australia and brings them to his restaurant to make the best dish. With its upper-segment elegance and modernity, Odette is Singapore’s best restaurant.

Burnt Ends

Burnt Ends was designed by chef Dave Pynt, winner of the Chefs’ Choice Award in 2017. The restaurant, which is ranked 5th on the 50 Best Restaurants in Asia 2020 list with two four-ton brick kilns and open cuisine, is one of the most difficult to book in Singapore. Burnt Ends makes its difference from other grill-oriented restaurants with its different touches, from hearty pork Sangar, which has been a favourite dish since day one, to caviar on top of smoked quail eggs.ku

Les Amis

Opened in 1994, Les Amis is Singapore’s first independent fine-dining restaurant. Les Amis, ranked 11th on the 50 Best Restaurants in Asia 2020 list, has been serving classic French cuisine with Executive Chef Sebastien Lepinoy serving up its finest recently with little Asian touches. Along with the Gin Mare Art of Hospitality Award 2020, Les Amis is one of Singapore’s best restaurants with its excellent service in white gloves and the chef’s style focusing on ingredients rather than trends.

Jaan by Kirk Westaway

Ranked 21st in the 50 Best Restaurants in Asia 2020 list, Jaan offers its customers one of the most extraordinary views in Singapore with its 70th-floor view of the Swissotel. Until 2015, Jaan, a classic French restaurant, replaced its menu with British food with the arrival of British chef Kirk Westaway. Reinventing British classic dishes, Kirkaway sheds British fine dining light on Singapore’s most beautiful landscape.


Zén is the first arrival in Asia with chef Bjorn Frantzén of the 3 Michelin-starred restaurant of the namesake in Sweden. Zén which ranked 28th on the 50 Best Restaurants in Asia 2020 list, brought a Scandinavian breeze to Singapore. The menu can be described as “Nordic kaiseki with French perfume,” as founder Bjorn Frantzén put it. Opening in the old place of Restaurant André, the first floor of Zén is reserved for snacks and appetiser, the second floor is reserved for dining and the third floor is reserved for dessert.

Corner House

Corner House which entered the list of The 50 Best Restaurants in Asia 2020 with its ranked 42nd, is in the Singapore Botanic Gardens’ greenery. Jason Tan, who has been its chef since its opening in 2014, left the restaurant at the end of March. The signature dish ”Cevennes onion ” is one of the dishes that must be tasted. The whole menu is based on ‘gastro-botanic’ which is the careful balancing of protein and vegetables.


With founder and chef Ivan Brehm, Nouri received its first Michelin star when it opened in 2017, and also, entered the 50th place on the 50 Best Restaurant in Asia 2020 list. With Nouri referencing the word ‘nourish’, chef Brehm wants it to be an inspiration to everyone and to be polite to those around him. Nouri has become a point where different ingredients come together from different regions, which Brehm calls ‘crossroads cuisine’. With its broad spectrum from coconut to turmeric, Brehm serves the unusual which is in the usual to the customers.


Candlenut is first the Peranakan (a mix of Chinese, Malaysian and Indonesian cultures) restaurant that received a Michelin star. Chef Malcolm Lee has taken on a new dimension by glorifying Chinese culinary culture from his mother and grandmother. Omakase continues its service with a tasting menu and a la carde, as well as many varieties and combinations of one-bite meals offered to customers. Buah Keluak (edible of poisonous fruit by fermentation) ice cream, Valrhona chocolate, chilli and hot chocolate espuma underlines chef Lee’s self-confidence and talent in a quality way.



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