The successful chef Fredrik Berselius, who sends a salute to the second version of his 2 Michelin-starred restaurant Aska, is opening his doors to readers with his cookbook Aska.

The Aska, released by famous chef Berselius in 2018, is a delicious 240-page work that combines recipes and personal thoughts. Berselius, who has included 85 recipes as well as his personal writings, supports the content with incredible photographs. Describing his book as an extension of what he and his team do in the dining room, the successful chef said: “There are these moments inside and outside of the restaurant where I find myself in a place where I want to capture it. I find [them] magical and compelling—I wanted to write a cookbook because I wanted to paint a picture of what we do at Aska.” The chef, who does not want to write a traditional book in the basic recipe format, shares the story of coming from Sweden to New York with his cookbook.



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