Tim Raue is a young man who grew up in Berlin. As a child, he wanted to be an architect, but his life forced him to become a chef somehow, and Raue reached the success very quickly. We are listening to the story of the chef who opened the Tim Raue restaurant in Berlin in order to create his own style after the world’s leading hotel chains.

Tim Raue had a difficult childhood. Being an imaginary architect, the chef turned to the kitchen, which is another area where he could behave creatively. Starting his career at the hotels in Germany, Raue has been working extensively and became a Swissotel Global Culinary Advisor in 2003. This means 44 restaurants that were responsible for that period. In 2005, he received the “Rising Star of the Year” award by Gault Millau, and in 2007 managed to get his first Michelin star.

After many of his successes behind him, Tim Raue decided to open his own business with his then-wife, Marie-Anne. Although hotels add a lot of experience to him a clear lines, he on the other hand always wanted to go outside the lines. Two years after opening the restaurant, the chef receives his second Michelin star. Tim Raue explains his restaurant’s concept as an original creation that combines Japanese perfection with Thai flavors and Chinese food philosophy.

Tim Raue’nin temsil ettiği mutfak net standartlara sahip. Asya’nın farklı bölgelerinden ilham alan menüde ekmek, noodle, pirinç veya beyaz şekerli hiçbir yemek yok. Bununla birlikte laktozsuz süt ürünleri kullanılıyor. Menünün et ağırlıklı olduğunu ifade eden Raue, bunu şöyle açıklıyor: “Hayvansal ürünler menümüzün ve yemek felsefemizin ayrılmaz bir parçası. Hemen hemen bütün yemeklerimizde hayvansal ürünler bulmak mümkün, bu da lezzet skalasını genişletiyor. Vejetaryen alternatiflerimiz de var ama komple vegan bir menüyü misafirlerimize sunmamız maalesef mümkün olmuyor.”

Tim Raue has clear kitchen standards. Inspired by different parts of Asia, there is no menu with bread, noodles, rice or white sugar. However, lactose-free milk products are used. Animal products are an integral part of our menu and our food philosophy says Raue. “Animal products, which is expanding the flavor scale. We also have vegetarian alternatives, but it is not possible to offer a complete vegan menu to our guests.”



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