Michelin Guide announced Moscow’s star-rated restaurants with a magnificent ceremony that took place yesterday. Twins Garden and Artes, which were previously on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, were awarded two Michelin stars. Moscow, which left the night with a total of 9 awards, thus reiterated its claim to be an important capital for the gastronomy world.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, who attended the ceremony held in a concert hall close to the Kremlin, stated that he hoped that the city would attract more tourists with this development. “Thank you for coming to Russia and believing in us all. Today is a historic event for the entire restaurant industry. Moscow has truly become one of the gastronomic capitals of the world” said Twins Garden’s Ivan Berezutsky.

Restaurants awarded one star included White Rabbit, which boasts panoramic views of Moscow. “This is a new era for the Russian restaurant industry. Previously, there was a vacuum in our restaurant industry. We were applauding ourselves. But now we will have a world-renowned system that works in many countries” Russian restaurant expert Gennady Josefavichus said.

After last night, Russia became the 35th country with a Michelin guide, and Moscow became the first city in the former Soviet Union to be awarded a star.

2 star restaurants; Artest – Artem Estafiev’s Chef table, which offers a visual and immersive experience to food lovers thanks to the very special design of the small restaurant, focuses on fermentation, contrasting flavors and highly variable textures.

Twins Garden – Twin brothers Ivan and Sergey Berezutsky offer an experience that is completely different from ordinary experiences in Moscow. Here, the chefs advocate the coexistence of science and nature, emphasizing vegetarian and sustainable food, while enriching a variety of local products from Russia.

1 star restaurants; Beluga – Located in the National Hotel near Red Square, Beluga offers one of the best selections of caviar and vodka in the whole of Russia. Gourmets can explore and enjoy the elegant and refined cuisine of chef Evgeny Vikentiev, while experiencing the authentic spirit of this historic place.

Biologie – Chef Ekaterina Alehina offers her guests a journey through a personal kitchen with a strong emphasis on sustainability with a focus on organic produce. You can also find the chef’s artistic personality in the restaurant, which is decorated with his own paintings and furniture.

Grand Cru – Alsatian chef David Hemmerle brings a delightful French delicacy to Moscow in a cozy atmosphere that offers world-class modernized classic French cuisine and one of the best wine lists in Moscow.

Sakhalin – Located on the 22nd floor of a majestic building, Alexey Kogay’s kitchen features a delightful selection of premium seafood from Russia, including produce from the same island. This elegant and trendy restaurant also offers an impressive view of the city.

Savva – Chef Andrei Shmakov uses classical techniques and modernism to present an elegant Russian cuisine. The elegance and quality service of the restaurant make it a must-have for Moscow gourmets.

Selfie – Chef Anatoly Kazakov is a fine chef at the forefront of modern gastronomy. This restaurant proposes creative dishes where the main stars are the ingredients, best heightened by the chef’s techniques.

White Rabbit – Chef Vladimir Mukhin’s cooking is as impressive as the view from the panoramic glass ceiling. This young chef makes sure you enjoy a cuisine that is as modern as it is personal, knowing how to enrich local products. The restaurant offers an experience between discovery and nostalgia.




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