75% of Michelin-starred restaurants opened around the world, up 5% from last week.

The Michelin Guide offers an overview of the state of world gastronomy after the pandemic by sharing the rates of opened Michelin-starred restaurants each week. The number of opened Michelin-starred restaurants according to the Michelin Guide increased by 5% to 75%, with plans to gradually open restaurants around the world. Spain showed the most significant increase in Europe, opening 146 of its 214 restaurants (68%). With the green light was given to opening restaurants in Ireland, 33% of Michelin-starred restaurants have opened. While 81% of restaurants opened in Italy, the rate of opened Michelin-starred restaurants in Portugal is 74%.

While the situation in Asia remained almost the same, a significant increase was observed, with 91% opening Michelin-starred restaurants in Singapore and 72% in Thailand. Finally, the number of Michelin-starred restaurants opened with dining areas and terraces in the United States increased to 23, bringing the rate of increase to 11%.

Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of Michelin Guides, said in a statement of the barometer on May 19th: “By creating this barometer, we want to take the pulse of global gastronomy in order to inform and build awareness of our ecosystem. We hope that this evidence will highlight a sector that radiates economically far beyond the doors of restaurants.”



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