According to research in America, 66% of consumers don’t feel ready to eat in restaurants if stay-at-home warnings are removed tomorrow.

In the US, which has begun gradually lifting restrictions, 38 states have been allowed to open with capacity restrictions or are making plans to open soon. The World Health Organisation warned that this was only the first wave and that a second wave was likely to occur as people returned to normal life. With restaurants reopening, a lot of research is being done on how consumers will react. According to research sent by Washington State University’s School of Economics to Restaurant Dive, 66% of consumers don’t feel ready to eat at restaurants if stay-at-home notices lift tomorrow. Only 21% of respondents feel ready to eat when restaurant restrictions are lifted. In another aspect of the study, almost 50% of respondents said they would wait 1-3 months longer to eat with someone else. But they said their first choice would be to eat in casual restaurants or family-style places. Visible sanitation efforts, including hand sanitizer stations, servers wearing masks and cleaning tables and chairs in front of customers, will be the most important safety precautions diners will expect from restaurants



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