Through the campaign of Deliveroo, a food-ordering app, 500,000 meals will be distributed to health workers.

Deliveroo, a food ordering app, aims to bring 500,000 meals to health workers through its campaign. In addition to the companies that prepare meals for health workers by participating in the campaign, customers will also be able to support the campaign through the application. As part of the campaign, Pizza Hut prepared 300,000 pizzas and salads for health workers. The Bella Italia team has announced it will open its branches in South Kensington and send 1,000 pizzas and pasta to health workers every week until next month with Deliveroo. The growing campaign has been resounded. “Those in the NHS working night and day to save lives are the real heroes of this crisis, and we want to do our small part to support them and the vulnerable who aren’t able to leave their homes,” said Will Shu, Deliveroo’s founder and CEO.



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