“It’s about being together, it’s not about trying to be innovative,” said René Redzepi, chef of the famed 2 Michelin-starred Noma, which will serve burgers when it opens his restaurant next week.

2 Michelin-starred Noma, one of Denmark’s most famous restaurants, will open its doors to customers again next week, 2 months after its closure. Noma, which has been very lucky compared to other countries, has no financial problems by the end of the year with the credit it has received and the support that Danish government offers to the affected businesses by paying all of the costs of the first 2 months and 80% of the costs from 18 May to 8 July. The successful chef Redzepi who was able to protect 85 employees and their rights emphasized that he put the industry first place by saying “It’s not so much about money, it’s about how do we heal and get beyond this.”

The celebrity chef, who will open with a “mighty” burger that also features a vegetarian option, can add options such as a fried chicken sandwich and ice cream then, the Los Angeles Times reported. Redzepi, who wants to appeal to everyone with the burger service, which he plans to last 6-8 weeks, also expressed that he was quite worried about the restaurant sector. “People are running out of money in one week, two weeks, and that’s pretty heavy to watch,” he said, saying he was surprised about the unpleasant state of restaurants in America. Redzepi expects a 50% drop in revenues despite the crisis plans are effective in Europe and thinks this decline will last until next summer.



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