Successful Singaporean chef Kenneth Foong has been appointed as the Head Chef of Rene Redzepi’s world-famous restaurant Noma.

Foong, who joined the Noma team full-time nine months ago, has replaced former head chef, Canadian Benjamin Ing, as the head of Rene Redzepi’s famous kitchen. Describing what it’s like to work at Noma, the chef said: “The intensity and energy of the place is palpable. It’s almost electric – you can feel it in the air. It scares some, but for the individuals that thrive off that energy, they just lean in and soak it all up. I am one of those.”

From day one, Foong saw Noma was different. “People were sprinting, literally, from the start of their day up to the point they were leaving the restaurant,” he said. “It was amazing. The pace of service was blistering – dishes were leaving the kitchen so quickly that diners never had the opportunity to pull out their phones or sometimes even get up for the restroom. As a professional, it is almost impossible to comprehend the operation without actually being there.”

In his new role running Noma’s service kitchen, Foong will work with Jason White, director of fermentation; and Mette Soberg, head of research and development for the test kitchen, overseen by co-owner Redzepi. “It was a huge decision and, at least for me, extremely daunting to take on a role that has only been held by a handful of industry legends who have since gone forth and done amazing things in their own right,” he told CNA Lifestyle.



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