With the start of the pandemic, the successful chef Ana Ros, who went into quarantine with her team in 2 Michelin-starred Hisa Franko, faces a second quarantine and a difficult process.

The successful chef of Slovenia’s world-famous 2 Michelin-starred restaurant Hisa Franco, Ana Ros managed to overcome the first quarantine period by protecting the jobs of her team. But with the arrival of winter and the Slovenian government’s decision to close the restaurants, the successful chef said she would, unfortunately, have to say goodbye to some of the restaurant team forever. “A few hours from the second lockdown, I am broken-hearted because I have found no more jollies in my pocket to save the work positions of some colleagues. Who is next?”

“The fight with COVID-19 is not over yet and given the colder season, our government is taking stricter measures on a weekly basis to stop the spread of the virus.” One of the measures announced is that of closing down certain activities including restaurants and hotels or facilities that offer accommodation.”

“We have decided with a heavy heart to close Hisa Franko from Saturday 24 October to Thursday 3 December. We hope the situation will calm down by then and we can operate again as from 4 December. In case we need to change or postpone the opening date, we will inform you,” the restaurant said.



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