Wine windows used in the days when bubonic plague swept Italy in the 17th century also helped business operators in the COVID-19 pandemic in the 21st century.

In the 17th century, when the bubonic plague swept Italy, the wine windows that people used to reduce contact to zero began to be used centuries later by cocktail bars, cafes, restaurants and even some ice cream makers who wanted to maintain social distance. There are more than 150 of the wine windows or buchette del vino that are not seen anywhere in the world. Wine windows were used not only at the time of the plague but also by noble winemaking families to sell surplus wine to the working class, said Matteo Faglia, president of the wine Windows Association, who said people could still bring their own bottles to fill wine from these small windows.

According to the insider, Francesco Rondinelli, an academic at that time, during the plague, which was effective in 1630-1633, people would pass drinks through these wine windows and disinfect money with vinegar in a bowl before taking it.



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