The Pastorale, the two Michelin-starred restaurant in Reet, Belgium, reopened earlier this week with 10 corona commandments, taking inspiration from the fact that the restaurant is housed in a former presbytery.

Chef Bart De Pooter said, “As chefs, we are often challenged, but today we are being challenged in a way that we have never been before. I have a million questions: How will our sommelier present the bottles of wine? What about the live preparations in front of our customers? And will customers now have to get their own coat in the cloakroom? Those aspects used to be obvious, but suddenly they aren’t so obvious anymore and require a creative solution.”

According to a report in the Food and Wine Gazette, the ozone generator solution has been brought in for the problem in the cloakroom. This generator disinfects the air while also fighting viruses, bacteria and other things. In addition to the special menu prepared by the restaurant for each customer, a large amount of hand sanitizer is included in 10 Corona commandments determined to protect the health of customers and staff.

Not only staff but also customers must comply with the 10 corona commandments. The commandments set out, influenced by the fact that the restaurant used to be a presbytery, are made up of the following articles:

  1.  You shall have no parking stress – there is a free parking next to Pastorale, on the street and on the ‘Brooikensplein’.
  2. You will be warmly welcomed – doors are wide open for you.
  3. You shall use hand sanitizer – when entering, during the meal and after each visit to the bathroom.
  4. You shall not be bothered by the Belgian capricious weather – you will be able to hang your coat safely.
  5. You shall be seated on disinfected tables and chairs – disinfected before and after each service.
  6. You shall receive a personal menu – you can take it home as a souvenir.
  7. You shall choose your favourite wine from a digital menu – disinfected before use.
  8. You shall have enough napkins – you get two new ones during service.
  9. You shall use disinfected sanitary facilities – disinfected every half hour. 
  10. You shall preferably pay by card – though cash remains possible.


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