To mark the twentieth anniversary of The Wolseley in London’s Piccadilly, this autumn will see a new opening, The Wolseley City in London’s Square Mile.
The new venture, from The Wolseley Hospitality Group, aims to capture the grandeur and impeccable standards of its formidable predecessor, presented as a younger sister to the original and not a replica.

Situated on King William Street just by Monument Square, the new restaurant will be much larger, offering two private dining rooms and three sweeping bar spaces.

The decor found at The Wolseley City will draw inspiration from the original distinguished architecture of 160 Piccadilly, designed in 1921 by William Curtis Green.

This new iteration, curated by London-based Fabled Studio, will highlight Byzantine chandeliers, Baroque ironwork, and intricate 1920’s Egyptian touches. A reimagination of the well-recognised vaulted ceiling and grand pillars of Green’s design will also be a focal point, alongside a tribute to the familiar ‘horseshoe’ entrance.

The new menus at The Wolseley City will pay homage to its much-loved forefather, retaining the ‘all-day’ offering intrinsic to The Wolseley’s DNA. Perennial favourites such as Schnitzels, Soufflé Suisse and Steak Tartare, Calf’s Liver and Bacon, Coq au Vin will all be on offer, alongside a large range of Crustacea, with some dishes created uniquely for City diners.

Breakfast is expected to include many classics, plus Wolseley specialities such as Bubble & Squeak, Grilled Kippers, Fried Haggis with Duck Eggs and, of course, the Smoked Haddock Kedgeree.

The cocktail menu will take inspiration from the classics, while suiting a contemporary palette. A curated list of superb international whiskies will be available, alongside an evolving selection of draft beers. The wine list, much like at The Wolseley, will primarily focus on European regions but with a global expanse, listing outstanding offerings from Australia, New Zealand and California, with a ‘fine and rare’ selection completing the portfolio.

Due to bring a sense of familiarity and time-honoured opulence to the City, The Wolseley City will offer guests a chic culinary destination, inspired by its heritage in hospitality and refined classics.

The Wolseley City will open in autumn 2023.


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