”Beyond the Plate” is a multidisciplinary symposium series organized by the internationally recognized restaurant Alchemist’s team in Copenhagen that brings together luminaries from the arts and sciences with global culinary experts. Discussing culinary innovation, history, future, flavors, and textures, the Beyond The Plate Symposium took place at Copenhagen’s Tivoli Concert Hall. Rasmus Munk, Harold McGee, Ferran Adrià, and Albert Adrià, well-known figures who impacted the culinary arts, gave speeches at the symposium.

The Symposium called The Beyond The Plate is a unique event that unites the creative and culinary acumen of Albert Adrià, Head Chef of Enigma, Rasmus Munk, Head Chef of Alchemist, and Ferran Adrià, the renowned chef of elBulli.  The “Beyond the Plate 2024” conference drew inspiration from the gourmet legacy of these three trailblazing chefs, who together embody four decades of culinary evolution.

Renowned American author and food chemist Harold McGee, together with surprise speakers from the art and design fields, joined Beyond the Plate Ferran Adrià, Albert Adrià, and Rasmus Munk on stage. A panel discussion on creativity, sustainability, and legacy was also featured in the event.


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