IKEA conducted a study for sustainability. IKEA Canada has published a new cookbook to inspire Canadians to reduce food waste at home. The ScrapsBook contains recipes that show you how to utilize waste food and make it edible again.

Collaborated with 10 North American chefs on ScrapsBook to design 50 recipes from food leftovers. To be a circular and climate-positive business by 2030, IKEA aims to educate its customers about living more sustainable at home. Printed using environmentally friendly materials and methods, the book was produced in a limited number.

“These chefs were selected to represent a diverse culinary background,” Ikea spokesperson Maja Boricevic told the Montreal Gazette. “We also felt it was best to collaborate with chefs who had displayed a pre-existing commitment to sustainable cooking practices. This was also a key factor in determining who we partnered with to create the book.”



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